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About CoOperativeNepal.com

CoOperativeNepal.com is an online pay service introduced to make life much more easier and simpler.
So now you can just sit back, relax and pay services or easy recharge mobile by just a click for your mouse.


CoOperativeNepal is a payment gateway for buying and selling products and services. It’s the online portal for paying bills, recharging mobiles, making payments for several products and services online. It is a single payment hub, where payment can be done to any merchant, top up mobile; pay utility bills and other several bills and payments securely and easily. With CoOperativeNepal, you can you can also transfer money from one country to another. Whether you are within the country or out bound, you can easily pay bill online in time and without any lengthy processes. CoOperativeNepal is continuously partnering with several merchants in several countries and user from another part of world can easily buy services online.


How does CoOperativeNepal work?

CoOperativeNepal partner with different vendors, service providers providing different product and services call Merchant. Anyone from anywhere can be our registered user simply by registering and become our user. User can buy available services from any part of the world using available payment gateway or add wallet. User choose the specific service provider to pay bills or choose the specific mobile network to recharge balance, pay online all the funds and is done. Being user, you can go further steps to register as a merchant if you have products or services to sell or become Reseller or Super Reseller from which you will get a platform to sell products of others and earn commission.

All transactions are highly secured payments. CoOperativeNepal is a secured online payment and it accept multiple currency transactions are accepted.

How will User Pay to Merchant?

User can pay using global standard payment gateways like Paypal and Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, Discovery, American Express etc.) even if the merchant doesn’t accept such payment system. Also for country specific, there are several online payment system of particular country and can pay online through your local bank partnered with us.

There is a very easy and simple way to add wallet in CoOperativeNepal. By using available payment, you can deposit into your wallet and you can easily pay for service without going any of above process which is very fast and easy.
Also there is another nice feature which on using you can send money online to your friend or another member of CoOperativeNepal or you can pay online on behalf of your friend.

How to use CoOperativeNepal?

It is just a matter of some seconds to register. CoOperativeNepal is a fast and easy electronic Payment System for online payment services.

CoOperativeNepal is a platform not only for user to buy services but it is also for merchant if you have products to sell or reseller or distributor if you want to trade products of others. Register as Merchant, if you have products to sell and you can choose countries where you want to sell it with your desired price. You can set commission to Resellers and Super Resellers who will be your very active partner for distribution your products online. Register as Reseller if you simply want to resell products and services of any merchant and earn commission as you start selling. If you have a very good network of people, register as Super Reseller and share with all your network weather they are your user or reseller and earn commission as they start buying products and services
You dont need to have any business registered to be our Merchant or Super Reseller. you can simply work as Free lance and start earning




A single platform for all buying and paying activities.

End User module is a platform for general user. As a general user, you can buy any services registered with CoOperativeNepal. No more waiting in the queue to settle bills.. No more keeping track of the paid and unpaid bills.. No more waiting to go to convenient stores to get a recharge card. You can easily transfer funds anywhere, anytime to any part of the world. All transactions are highly secured so you need not worry or think twice before using our payment portals. Multiple currency transactions are accepted which helps you make payments to one country from any other part of the world.

A Merchant of CoOperativeNepal can sell services to CoOperativeNepal customers online using the portal. Merchant may have limited banks and limited payment collection outlet but with the help of CoOperativeNepal customer of any Merchant can pay from any country, any currency, any banks. Using Payment gateway of CoOperativeNepal, customer from any part of world pays to any merchant associated with us. CoOperativeNepal-about Register CoOperativeNepal as a Merchant, complete your settings, add your products and services, define location or country where you want to sell and design your page yourself and soon after verification your page will be viewable by End users. Merchant can choose several methods of choosing platform including sub domain with CoOperativeNepal or to integrate the page with your own domain using our API. As a merchant, you will not only get platform to sell your products but also you will have platform to marketing your services. You can grow your network by sharing via social sites, Gmail, Hotmail and your contacts.


Are you a small business or retailer or doing freelance business activities?

CoOperativeNepal is a perfect platform for you to earn money. Simply register as Reseller and sell the products or services of the merchants that are enlisted in CoOperativeNepal and start earning. There are several commission packages set by each merchants. You will be entitled to get commission soon after you begin selling. So with a very small investment, get access to several merchant products and services and earn money.

Become Super Reseller, use your network and earn instantly every time your customer buys...


Super Reseller can be regarded who holds multi Users, Resellers and different tiers of Super Resellers. Being a Super Reseller you can create numerous such user types and as this user make any transaction, you will have your e-wallet filled up. As you start making good performance, you will be promoted to higher level of tiers, the higher your tier, the more level of sub Super Reseller you can create and get hold of lots of users. The more such users you have, you will have more transactions by them and make earning in each transaction they make. Besides we have Exclusive Super Reseller System in which you will be given exclusive user right for a particular region and any user or reseller registered in that region will automatically be under you and you will be entitled to get commission as they make transaction.


eWallet System

With CoOperativeNepal, you will have eWallet in which you can deposit any time and make payment to buy required services. This is very simple and you can deposit through several payment methods viz. Payment Aggregators, Debit/ Credit Cards, ATM Banking, Online Banking or even by Cash Deposit through CoOperativeNepal counters.

There are several partnership program for different user role. Whether you are a user or reseller or Super Reseller, you can grow your network through the tools available in the system and as you grow network, on one hand, you will be earning rewards or incentives or commission and on another hand, you can let your customer know about your business and do effective marketing to them.

With a single registered Account, you can use all modules User, Merchant, Reseller or Super Reseller. You can create multi types of role with a single user account. Simply switch role and you will be shown the respective role environment. Its simple, easy and flexible.

Get Discount in every steps. Get Discount while you buy service or while you make Wallet deposit. Many merchants offer much discounts while buying from CoOperativeNepal than through other ways. So you will be getting lots of discount while paying from CoOperativeNepal. Also check several Deals and Promotion offered by CoOperativeNepal or by its merchants and you will be entitled to get additional discounts on such deals and promotion offers.

There are several Reward Point packages available as per your country. You start getting rewards soon after you register or when you log on. You will earn much more when you start buying things. Even more, you will get reward when you make partner and you will even be getting reward point as your partner start buying.

You can make your own tags to make grouping of your merchants and make sorting your favorite products or services. There are also easy and flexible search criteria to search merchants and their services based on product category, location, product segments etc.

CoOperativeNepal is global platform that you can sell your products or services to many countries you want in their currency. User from any part of the world thus be able to buy services from another part of world paying through their own currency.

Do you want to sell services with your own Brand? CoOperativeNepal allows you to create your own brand and you can give similar platform to your own users with your own brand.

There are several useful report designed aesthetically for each role type whether you are User or Reseller or Super Reseller. With the dynamic reporting facility designed in tabular and graphical style, you will be getting any required information instantly.


Payment Platform

We accept all major Payment Gateways for transactions using Credit Card, Debit Cards and Netbanking. For country specific, we partner with all local banks and Merchant Aggregators offering the Best Payment Gateway in with advantage of highly advanced, efficient, fully integrated online payment platform.

  • Paypal
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Visa

  • We partner with all major financial institutions of several countries are we are currently in operation providing Net banking and ATM banking services. We also accept Bank Deposit, Cheque and Cash Deposit .

  • Net Banking

    Net Banking

  • Atm Banking

    Atm Banking

  • Bank Deposit

    Bank Deposit

  • Cash Card

    Cash Cards

  • Payment Gateways

    Payment Gateways

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